A guide for the home seller

We explain the 12 key points to succeed in selling your home


These are the steps to follow if you want to sell a property

The process of a home selling is more complex than it looks like. According to a photo home study, in 84% of cases it takes less than one year to sell a house, and in the remaining 16%, it takes more than a year to find a buyer. We explain you the keys to reduce the maximum time of sale and not to end up desperate and sell your house after 1 year at a the lowest price.

Times change and so is the real estate market. Managing the sale of a property is not easy at all and this process can be difficult if you do not have the right tools and knowledge.



Steps to follow to sell a property:

1.      Get to know the area
The most important thing when selling a house is to put the right price on it, the market price. To do this it is essential to have a perfect knowledge of the current market prices in the area you want to sell, taking into account economic, demographic, sociological factors..., of each community.

Finques Zaragoza is the reference real estate agency in the Ebro Delta since 1960. We have brokered for 60 years and have witnessed all the ups and downs that our area has experienced with demand and price.


2.      Not all properties are sold in the same way
A house with the same characteristics and square meters, which is in a different state of conservation, location and/or qualities, will not be valued equally. Each property has a specific type of buyer, a very important factor to take into account when promoting and selling the property and the techniques to be applied so as not to lose time and money.

In Finques Zaragoza we apply both our personal and professional experience, as well as the most advanced tools in the real estate sector to value a property at the optimum sale price.



3.      Bureaucracy and legal issues
It is necessary to know the state of charges and liens that the house has. From a mortgage, seizure, municipal debt, easements, burdens of origin and a host of charges that may be encumbering the home. Investigating the urban and cadastral situation is of utmost importance to detect any legal obstacles that may prevent the transfer of the property. The seller must anticipate the problem and be able to act in cases of inheritance, divorce, tenants or other types of problems.

From Finques Zaragoza we always organize the legal and necessary documentation to face the legal problems that the property can have in the Property Registry, urbanism and cadaster. We help the seller to solve both legal and juridical obstacles.


4.      Necessary documentation of the property
As a seller you are obliged to deliver the Certificate of Occupancy and the Certificate of Energy Efficiency. In addition, at the time of the sale, the TAX (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles), must be up to date in its payment, as well as up to date in the expenses of the community of owners of the building if applicable. If there are any charges, you must present a certificate of the state of charges of the corresponding entity to be cancelled.

In Finques Zaragoza, we help the seller to process and carry out both the Certificate of Habitability and the Certificate of Energy Efficiency and any other documents necessary for the viability of the sale.


5.      We will sell the house at the best price and as soon as possible
There are many articles on the Internet that will help you prepare your home to be attractive for sale. Our advice is that you should arrange your home in such a way that the buyer feels that he or she is living there. Make a professional photographic report (mobile phones are not useful in these cases), handle a budget in case the house needs a renewal (this will save us time when negotiating with a buyer), that the house smells good when the visit is made, and try to show the house on the daylight time as it has more light.

This is the most fun part that we do at Finques Zaragoza: we prepare with maximum rigor and detail every property that we sell. From having a budget prepared for possible renewals to making available to the owner one of the most revolutionary techniques in the real estate market, known as Home Staging.



6.      FOR SALE
How many times have you seen a poster stuck up and faded by the sun in a house for sale? It is necessary to make a significant investment online, since it is the medium that moves 90% of the sales made each year. Nowadays it is not enough to pay for adds in several real estate search-engine, you also have to pay extra money to get a good positioning. It is not the same appearing on the third page of Idealista, Yaencontre or Habitaclia or beeing on the first page. Obviously, the price changes.

In Finques Zaragoza we do a video spot, photo and a virtual tour 360 degrees, and we put the property in more than 30 real estate search-engine (both national and international), with optimal visibility. We share your property in our social networks, in the windows of our offices with using last generation LED screens, and finally, we share it with the biggest real estate showcase: IMMOEBRE, the MLS of Terres de l'Ebre which has 8 real estate agencies



7.      100% availability to attend future buyers
If the property has been properly promoted, there will be a lot of mail, phone calls, and WhatsApp messages from people interested in visiting the property. From this moment on you will have to have the phone always available and adapt to the visiting hours that the customers will be interested in. Besides, to be able to attend a buyer customer, you will have to know at least in a basic way, some financing concepts, know how to calculate the taxes that he will have for buying the house and mastering these concepts, you will be able to filter out the buyers who do not meet the necessary requirements to make the purchase and thus avoid fruitless visits and loss of time.

At Finques Zaragoza we take care of receiving all the leads that come in every day, and we answer them within a maximum of 24 hours. We are available for future buyers from Monday to Sunday. In this way the owner who wants to sell a property can use his time freely. In addition, we collect all the opinions of the buyers who have visited the property, as this will help us to determine what needs to be improved in the property to meet the objective.


8.      Time to negotiate
Between 90 and 95% of future buyers will be interested in negotiating the final price of the property. So you will have to deal with them trying to adjust the minimum of the published initial price.

At Finques Zaragoza we negotiate and close transactions on a daily basis. Our experience and knowledge makes it easy for both seller and buyer to reach the best possible agreement.



9.      What are the selling expenses?
To be able to negotiate properly, you must know what your expenses will be after the sale is recorded. The expenses that derive from a sale are difficult to enumerate since they depend, among other things, on the purchase and sale price, but they also depend if the house has been reformed, to give an example. Some expenses derived from the sale can be the municipal capital gain, the income tax (which can reach up to 23% of benefit), costs in case of mortgage cancellation, etc.

At Finques Zaragoza we calculate each and every one of the taxes that you will have to pay when selling a property. In this way the seller can value the operation in a global way. The most important thing is not the selling price but the net amount you have left after paying all the expenses.


10.      Sales contract or deposit
You should hire a real estate expert to advise you and draw up a document, whether it is a sale and purchase agreement, a deposit, a confirmation agreement, a penitential earnest money purchase agreement or an option to buy, so that the deal will come to fruition and, in the event of cancellation, it will be easy to solve.

At Finques Zaragoza we advise and draw up the contracts necessary to carry out the sale of a property.


11.      Public deed
Once the buyer and seller agree to carry out the public deed of sale, it is the buyer who by law will choose the appointment with the notary that he prefers. He will have to explain all the details to the notary and the seller will have to provide all the documentation to prepare the deed and then sign and finish the sale process.

At Finques Zaragoza we will take care of all the necessary steps with the notary's office, as well as advising the seller on all the final details of the operation.



12.      Procedures and taxes to be paid after signing
After the signature of the public deed, you will have to manage and pay the corresponding expenses of the municipal capital gain and change the name of the property supplies (water, electricity, gas, rubbish, internet), and inform the communal association with the details of the new owners and finally prepare the declaration of sale.

In Finques Zaragoza we manage all the after-sales services, one of the most demanded services by our foreign clients. We manage the capital gain of the City Council, notify the companies and communicate to the community of neighbors the data of the new owner and finalize all formalities arising from the sale.


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