Home staging and other techniques to sell your house faster

How to increase the value of your home with a minimum investment? In this article we explain techniques to sell your house faster and at the best price!


How to increase the value of your home with a minimum investment? In this article we explain techniques to sell your house faster and at the best price!


First impressions count

Knowing techniques to sell your house faster is important when you discover that, in just a few seconds, the future buyer perceives a series of sensations and emotions that are, to a large extent, responsible for the purchase decision. Of course, there is also the price, size, distribution, location, etc., but, believe us, if your house is ready and well arranged, you have many more points in your favour.




What is Home Staging?

Home staging is undoubtedly one of the most effective - and economical - strategies to accelerate the sale of your property. It consists of improving the image of the property to facilitate its sale or rental, either to produce a concrete image for the photographs that you will publish, or to create an incredible first impression during the visit of potential buyers.


With this real estate marketing strategy, you show the decorative and spatial potential of your home, making it easy for the potential buyer to imagine what it would be like to live in your property. Best of all, the investment required to create a homely space is minimal, as you usually work with cardboard furniture.



House to move into

Another of the techniques to increase the value of your home is to deepen the refurbishment, either with a redesign or with a partial or total reform. In this case, you facilitate the purchase decision because you offer the potential buyer a quicker and simpler process, as everything will be ready to move in.


This does not require an exorbitant budget, because with a personalised budget in the hands of good professionals you can achieve great results. Also, bear in mind that, as it is an investment, every penny spent on improving the property will come back to you when you sell it.




The importance of small details

Other techniques to sell your house faster are simple tricks such as:


  • Light: natural lighting is very important when buying a house. Keep in mind the hours of greatest light, both for taking photos and for visits.

  • The smell: make sure that the property smells good when you visit it. Something as simple as cleaning, airing and using air fresheners can determine the sale of your home.

  • Tidiness: turn your home into a clean and welcoming space where everyone wants to move in as soon as possible.

  • Small repairs: if your house is already attractive, but has some flaws, it is better to fix them to avoid them becoming an excuse.
  • The experience: make sure that the potential buyer feels comfortable from the first second.
  • Photos: almost 100% of potential buyers will get to know your property through photos. So having professional photos, videos, and even a virtual tour, is a must if you want to attract buyers, and even more so if you want to sell your house in times of coronavirus.




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All these techniques to sell your house faster will also help you get the best price for your home, but they need time and attention. If you don't know where to start, Finques Zaragoza will be happy to help you.