Tips for buying a house in a rustic area of the Ebro Delta

What to consider when choosing the best house?


Living in a house in a rustic area in the Ebro Delta is to gain quality of life. What aspects should you consider to buy the best house? We explain it to you!


Advantages of buying a house in a rural area of the Ebro Delta

The current trend is a return to the countryside, where more and more families

are looking for their space. These are the main reasons why more and more families are moving to the countryside, to build their lives in an environment free of stress, pollution and noise, a very healthy alternative:

  • Tranquillity away from the daily hustle and bustle
  • Outdoor leisure
  • Cleaner air
  • Permanent contact with nature
  • Privileged views
  • Better capacity for creativity and concentration
  • Better quality of life


What should your house in a rustic area in the Ebro Delta have to be a good choice?

Bearing in mind that there are different colours to suit different tastes, it is obvious that the concept of the perfect house will be very different depending on who you ask. However, there are certain crucial aspects for the house you choose to become your perfect house in a rustic area in the Ebro Delta.


Legalisation of the property

First and foremost, before buying a property on rural land, it is important to check the legal status of the property. Knowing whether the property is legally established will save you enormous problems later on (for example, discovering that it is not a legal building and that you cannot register or use it for tourist purposes in the future, etc.).


Internet connection

The difference between going on holiday in the countryside and living in the countryside is that, in the latter case, you do need a good Internet connection. For work, for your children's studies, etc. The great news is that the return to the rural world now has rural wifi for the countryside, among other possible solutions, but you should check this before you buy the house.



Proximity to essential services and population centres

If you want to live surrounded by nature, it is important to have basic services relatively close by (medical centre, school, supermarket, etc.). It is a question of comfort and respect for the environment (as the distance to the city or town is directly proportional to the amount of CO2 emissions produced by travelling by car).


Have a septic tank

Most houses in rural areas do not have a direct connection to the public sewage system. The solution? To have a ecological septic tank to solve the evacuation and elimination of wastewater so as not to contaminate the surroundings of the house with other solutions that could cause a seepage in your own land.


Sustainability with solar panels

Not so long ago, one of the main sources of electricity supply for these types of properties in rural areas was petrol-powered generators. Fortunately for the planet, there has been a shift in favour of photovoltaic installations and wind turbines, allowing for a great economic and sustainable competitive advantage.



With all these aspects, it will be much easier for you to look for a house in a rustic area in the Ebro Delta. By the way, here we explain three reasons why buying a house in the Ebro Delta is a good investment.



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