The best beaches in the Ebro Delta and why live near the sea

Well-being and quality of life with a sweet smell of salt


Ains... (and a sigh from the soul) the beaches of the Ebro Delta! And how not to sigh! If you've been to one of them, I'm sure you understand me; and if you haven't been able to step on this sand yet, we'll take this opportunity to tell you about some of the most incredible beaches in the Ebro Delta and why it's a great idea to live near them.

Truly unique beaches

The beaches of the Ebro Delta are part of the amazing natural heritage of the Natural Park of the Ebro Delta, territory declared Biosphere Reserve of Terres de l'Ebre. Although the magic of the Ebro coast is made up of very diverse special landscapes, they all have two characteristics in common: they are full of biodiversity and they have nothing to do with the typical mass coast.

So, if you are looking for fine sandy beaches away from the crowds, here you will find quilometric beaches where you can disconnect and enjoy your privacy. And as far as biological richness is concerned, these beaches are home to a great variety of flora and fauna species, being a protected natural habitat that we must respect and take care of in order to preserve it and continue enjoying life in this exceptional spot.


Top 7 beaches in the Ebro Delta

There are many kilometres of incredible beaches where you can enjoy yourself, but because of their particular charm, we would like to highlight these beaches of Deltebre, beaches of Sant Jaume d'Enveja, beach of Amposta and beach of Sant Carles de la Ràpita. All of them are easily accessible and we assure you that it will be worth it.


> Riumar beach (Deltebre)

Repeatedly awarded with the blue flag, its calm and shallow waters make it a great bet to go as a family with the little ones. As a singular feature, the beach is very close to the mouth, which you can also visit by taking a pleasant walk through El Garxal (an area of special natural interest). Another unique feature is the long wooden walkways that cross the natural dunes.

The Riumar urbanization is quiet on the seafront, so it is very easy to access this beach, which has Red Cross, toilets, showers, accessibility for people with reduced mobility ... And very close are restaurants, supermarket and beach bars.



> Bassa d'Arena Beach (Deltebre)

Of all the beaches in the Ebro Delta, this is one of the most extensive. Located between Riumar and Marquesa beaches, it is perfect for going with pets (there is an area adapted for this) and for fishing. It also has a section of nudist beach.



> Marquesa Beach (Deltebre)

What do we highlight? The spectacular landscape! Imagine being on the sand between small natural dunes in the middle of wide spaces and maximum tranquillity. From here you can access the naturist section of the Bassa d'Arena. Ah! And if you get hungry, right next door you have a bar-restaurant, from where you can walk around the Punta del Fangar.



> Migjorn Beach (Sant Jaume d'Enveja)

This beach has a long stretch of sand where you can relax and, in the summer, cool off in its chiringuito. The beach is located next to the island of Buda and, before arriving, you can access the viewpoints to contemplate the island and the Alfacada lagoon.


> Serrallo Beach (Sant Jaume d'Enveja)

One of the most deserted and unspoilt beaches in the Delta thanks to its isolated location. Maximum privacy and calm with calm waters and golden sand. This scenario is one of the few left where you can enjoy the sensation that an unspoilt beach offers.


> Playa dels Eucaliptus (Amposta)

Almost 6 km long and 200 m wide, you'll have plenty of room to avoid having beach neighbours. The low dunes and the flora that grows in the rice fields and the eucalyptus trees that give the beach its name stand out.


> Trabucador Beach (Sant Carles de la Ràpita)

This is where the mythical photo of a wooden walkway that goes into the bay that reflects the sky like a marine mirror comes to life, with Sant Carles de la Ràpita and the Montsià mountain range in the background, and the Trabucador bar and the Mediterranean in front. As with the previous beaches, you will love its size and the views (the sunset will take your breath away) and, as an added bonus, this beach is perfect for kitesurfing!



Why is it a great idea to live near the beaches of the Ebro Delta?

Living by the sea is a dream that many people long for. Why? The smell of the sea, the gentle waves, the shine of the water, the birds drawing the sky with their wings... And if we also talk about the beaches of the Ebro Delta, then add to the list: calm, shallow waters, uncrowded areas and privileged natural surroundings.


Advantages of living near the sea

Whether as a regular residence or for summer, buying a house next to or near the beach could be one of the best investments of your life, both economically and in terms of health, well-being and quality of life. Here are a few reasons:


  • Coastal location away from the city's periphery = peace and quiet and less stress.
  • Cleaner sea air = improved respiratory system.
  • Contact with the sun = vitamin D and strengthening of the immune system.
  • Salt water and walking on sand = better circulation.
  • Waves = feeling of peace and balance.

Moreover, if it is a beach house for second home, then you can get some extra income if you rent it during the months you don't use it.

If you are interested in living near the beaches of the Ebro Delta, we will be happy to help you find the best house. Please contact us:

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