Riumar, tranquility on the beachfront

Find your home in Riumar, a holiday paradise in the Ebro Delta. Peace of mind on the beachfront.


Riumar is a small beach development located at the mouth of the Ebro River, next to the Mediterranean Sea. A paradise, with just over 1,000 villas built. It is located 11km from the town of Deltebre, in the Ebro Delta, in the south of Catalonia. It was founded in the 1960s as a centre of national tourist interest because of its extraordinary location, beach, river, nature, tranquillity and water sports.

It acquired international fame and since then people have been coming from all over Europe to enjoy its particular residential paradise. The urbanization, formed almost entirely by villas, is very quiet and without crowds; a fact that will allow you to enjoy the environment without having to queue or wait for the next turn to climb the Zigurat tower and see the wonderful mouth of the Ebro River and the Isle of Buda. As a curiosity, the streets of Riumar are known by the names of different species of water birds.


Beach tourism and gastronomy of the Delta

The first customers in summer were families from Catalonia, Aragon, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and later from the rest of Europe and Spain, who were attracted by the miles of sandy beaches, sport fishing, water sports such as water skiing, river sailing and later windsurfing.

In addition, all these families had one thing in common and that was that they loved to enjoy the cuisine of the area, especially rice, the star dish of the Ebro Delta, in all its varieties. Nowadays in Riumar, there are 18 restaurants that offer all kinds of dishes such as rice with lobster or rice with artichoke, duck magret, the famous eel "xapadillo", smoked eel, clams, mussels... and all kinds of delicacies made with products grown in the Ebro Delta.



Urbanization Riumar, everything you need without having to drive


In the Riumar urbanization, you will find most of the services such as; restaurants, bookstore-shop, supermarket, bakery, fish shop, chiringuitos, without having to go to Deltebre. There are several companies that rent boats with or without a skipper, to go fishing or simply to take a walk on the river Ebro (navigable during the 12 months of the year). For some years now Riumar has had a river port with 150 moorings located between the campsite and the boat hire area. In the same port there is a beach bar, a fishing charter and a creperie. Following this path there is an area with restaurants and boats "golondrinas", where you can make an excursion by the mouth of the river to the Mediterranean.

Between the Paseo Marítimo and the river Ebro, is the Garxal; an area that is part of the Natural Park, enabled with trails and viewpoints to see many birds such as the coll-green, coot, purple heron, water cock, calamon, stork and one of the most emblematic birds of the Delta, the flamingo (Phoenix); source of inspiration since time immemorial for its elegance and color. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans already venerated it.



First residence with virgin beaches

Most of the villas in the area are intended as second homes, although there are about 40 families living permanently in the urbanization. The most popular tourist season in Riumar starts at Easter and ends in mid-October. During this time you will be able to enjoy both the restaurants and the beach bars on the promenade, where you will be served refreshments after a swim or a sunbath on the beach. During the months of November to April, there is less activity. During this time, walking on the beach early in the day while listening to the waves is a real treat.

Riumar beach is ideal for families with children as it is free from crowds, is shallow and has calm waters. A characteristic fact is the wooden walkways that give access to the beach from the Paseo Marítimo. They have a scenic viewpoint, a sports area (volleyball, paddle surfing, kite-surfing...), as well as a Red Cross house. Its long beaches of fine sand, have obtained the "Diploma of Quality of Water and Sand Bath", and since 1997 has the blue flag, the highest award for quality of beaches granted by the European Foundation for Environmental Education. You can also enjoy other beaches such as Bassa de la Arena, Marquesa beach and Fangar beach, which are classified as virgin beaches.




Accomodation in Riumar


The options for accommodation in Riumar, apart from the tourist rental houses, are the l'Aube campsite which has a large swimming pool with slides for children, the Paca hostel in the commercial premises and the Aparhotel "Les Dunes" .

We say goodbye with this video that we recorded in 2015 where you can learn a little more, the area of Riumar and Deltebre.





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